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Paediatric Dentistry in Randwick, NSW

At Centennial Smiles, children are our special guests. Dr Andrew Dunn has children of his own, which makes him a natural when it comes to working with children.

Children have a natural sense of wonder when it comes to learning, and our entire team is here to encourage their curiosity.

Our oral health therapists specialise in looking after children’s oral health. By taking a preventive approach to oral care, our oral health therapists can teach, guide, and engage children in interactive demonstrations that help children develop the techniques necessary to care for their smiles at home.

girl at dentist | Children's Dentist in Randwick Dentistry Designed for Your Child

Providing gentle oral care is essential to creating a healthy attitude about dentistry for your child. Our oral health therapists and hygienists are extremely gentle and thorough. We work with your child at his or her pace to ensure a comfortable experience.

We strive to make dentistry fun for kids and keep the mood a positive one, eliminating any anxiety they may have.

Since each child is different, we will customise their dental cleanings to meet their needs. We may also recommend additional preventive treatments such as fluoride applications and dental sealants to protect against decay.

Understanding Dental Decay

You have probably heard that sugar causes tooth decay, but this is only part of the story. The modern diet contains some risky components that may put your child’s teeth at risk. 

Child at Dentist | Kid's Dentist Randwick NSWEnamel is the protective outer part of the tooth and the hardest substance in the body. Bacteria found in the mouth feed on sugar and starchy foods, generating an acidic byproduct that softens enamel. Fruit juices and sugar-sweetened drinks often contain high levels of acid, further putting teeth at risk.

Dental decay, or caries, forms when acids soften the enamel and allow bacteria to enter the tooth. 

Our goal is to avoid decay, one of the most common preventable diseases in children. Most children will have at least one instance of caries before they become adults. When this occurs, the next line of defence is early detection and treatment.

Dr Dunn identifies decay with an exam and digital dental x-rays.

If your child develops caries, Dr Dunn will go over treatment options, which sometimes includes treating the condition with a tooth-coloured filling. Compassion and comfort are part of every childhood oral treatment here at Centennial Smiles.

We even have televisions on the ceilings in our patient rooms to help your little one relax and enjoy a fun distraction while we take care of them.

As Your Child Grows

Monitoring your child’s development is an important part of what we do. As they grow, we will provide evaluations based on their development such as an orthodontic evaluation and wisdom teeth evaluation. We'll guide them and provide the knowledge they need to help them enjoy healthy smiles for a lifetime.

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We welcome children of all ages and look forward to working with you to ensure your child has a solid foundation in good oral health.

Contact our Randwick dental clinic to arrange a booking for your child or your entire family.

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