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Tooth-Coloured Fillings in Randwick, NSW

Up until a few decades ago, a cavity meant a dark metal filling was necessary to repair the tooth. While this method may have been effective, it posed some aesthetic challenges when it came to smiling. Not only were fillings visible, but they advertised dental work to the world.

Fortunately, the ever-changing field of dentistry provides today’s patients with a much more discreet option using tooth-coloured fillings.

Woman | Tooth Colored Fillings in Randwick NSWHow Decay Develops

Tooth decay occurs when the enamel layer that encases each tooth becomes soft and begins to deteriorate. Bacteria feed on sugary and starchy foods and generate an acidic by-product during the reproduction process. The more fuel they have, the more acid they create. Other acidic substances, such as diet soft drinks, energy drinks, wine and some juices, can worsen the problem.

Your dentist can help reduce your risks of developing decay. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, preventive treatments like fluoride applications and dental sealants add additional protection to enamel:

Fluoride – remineralises teeth
Sealants – create a barrier between the tooth's chewing surface and bacteria

Of course, avoiding overly sugary foods and beverages always helps. When it comes to oral and overall health, water is always a great replacement for sugar-sweetened drinks, diet drinks and juice.

Composite Fillings in Randwick

When decay develops, treating it quickly is often less costly and complex. Regular dental visits and diagnostic x-rays will help our Randwick dentist identify dental decay in the earliest stages when it is easier to treat.

Our team believes that pain-free dentistry is possible. Dr Dunn will gently numb the tooth before he removes the decay.

Composite, the tooth-coloured material used in dental fillings, is made of a mixture of resin and microscopic glass particles. It comes in a wide variety of colours so we can pick a shade that is a perfect match for your tooth. Dr Dunn applies the material in layers, hardening it with a curing light. After filling the cavity, he will smooth and shape the filling to look just like your natural tooth. Final adjustments ensure a comfortable bite.

Benefits of Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Family | Dental Fillings in Randwick NSWIn addition to looking more natural, tooth-coloured fillings are also more conservative than their silver amalgam counterparts because they require the removal of less healthy tooth structure while still offering durability.

Another added benefit of tooth-coloured fillings is that they contain no mercury.


Dental Bonding

Using the same composite material required for dental fillings, Dr Dunn can fill in small chips, gaps and imperfections that cause cosmetic concerns.

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