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Dental Bridges Versus Dental Implants—Which Is Right for My Tooth Replacement?

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Losing even just one tooth can significantly impact not only the appearance of your smile but a missing tooth can also interfere with the way it functions. Many of the patients at our Randwick, NSW dental surgery who are missing one tooth or a couple that is adjacent frequently ask us which tooth replacement is right for them: dental implants or dental bridges.

Both can provide a good solution to the problem of missing teeth. But there are differences between the two, and it can be helpful for patients to have an understanding of what those are before making a decision on the right course of treatment.

Dental Implants

Getting a dental implant requires a surgical procedure wherein your dentist will place the titanium post of the dental implant into the jawbone. It takes anywhere from three to four months for ‘osseointegration’ to take place, that is, the implant integrates with and becomes part of the jawbone.

After this healing process, a dental crown can be attached to the dental implant, providing you with a tooth replacement that looks very much like a natural tooth. Because it is stable within the jawbone, you should be able to chew all of your favourite foods without restriction.

Dental Bridges

Some patients opt for dental bridges at our Randwick, NSW dental clinic to replace one or more adjacent teeth. The dental bridge is attached to the teeth on either side of the space, usually after these teeth have been reinforced with a dental crown.

Dental bridges provide an effective tooth replacement option, although they do not protect the bone the way dental implants do. With dental bridges, there can be some shrinking of the bone at the site of the missing teeth, meaning the bridge will probably have to be adjusted in the future.

Making the Right Decision for Your Oral Health

At Centennial Smiles, we are happy to help you better understand your treatment options—especially when it comes to such a crucial decision as replacing missing teeth. We welcome your enquiries to our Randwick, NSW dental surgery and would love to talk about dental bridges versus dental implants to replace your missing tooth.

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