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Can I have dental implants?

dental implants Randwick NSW Most healthy patients are candidates for dental implants. To determine if dental implants are right for you, Dr Andrew Dunn will provide a comprehensive dental evaluation.

3-D Cone Beam Images

For successful treatment with dental implants, you need enough healthy bone with sufficient density to support the dental implant post. We use 3-D cone beam x-rays to evaluate the bone structure, identify the ideal location for dental implant placement, and avoid nerves and sinuses during the placement process.

What if I Don’t Have Enough Bone? 

Bone grafting may allow us to increase bone volume before dental implant placement. If implants are not possible, we may be able to offer fixed bridges as an option to replace missing teeth.

Underlying Conditions

If you have gum disease or decay, we will address those conditions prior to dental implant surgery to improve your chances of success and control bacteria that may negatively impact the integration of the dental implant. 

The best way to learn about dental implants is to call and arrange a consultation with Dr Dunn. He is an experienced dental implant dentist. We welcome you to our Randwick dental clinic.

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