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Importance of Preventive Dental Care in Randwick, NSW

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If you’re like most of us, you brush and floss twice daily. You may even avoid sugary snacks and drinks. These are excellent practices to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. But regular dental cleans and exams in Randwick, NSW are just as vital to long-term oral health.

Benefits of Dental Exams in Randwick, NSW

Preventive dentistry has been shown to lower your risk for oral health issues like periodontal disease, dental emergencies and cavities. And dental exams, with periodic x-rays, play a pivotal role in prevention.

Dental exams help your Randwick, NSW dentist spot minor issues before they become costly problems—costly in terms of your time and expense. A dental ...

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Why Brushing and Flossing at Home Is Not Enough to Ensure Good Oral Health

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If you are a diligent brusher and flosser, you might wonder why it is necessary to go to your Randwick, NSW dental clinic for routine check-ups and dental cleanings. Unfortunately, even if you brush twice a day and floss once, you can’t get plaque off your teeth. This sticky substance is tricky to remove, and when you miss getting it all off—which you inevitably will—it hardens into tartar. The only way for this to be removed is with the special dental instruments found at your Randwick, NSW dental clinic.

Why Dental Cleanings Are Crucial for Your Oral Health

Even with good home care, your toothbrush and dental floss cannot remove all ...

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Why See the Dentist if I Am Not Having Any Problems?

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If you practice good oral home care, congratulations! That is indeed one step toward maintaining healthy teeth and gums. And if you are a diligent brusher and flosser, you are probably wondering why you should visit the dentist at all. Is it vital when you aren’t experiencing any dental issues?

At our Randwick, NSW dental clinic, we recommend that you come and see us twice each year for check-ups and cleans. When it comes to your oral health, preventive care and early treatment when needed are essential.

Here’s why.

The Smaller the Problem, the Easier the Treatment

When you come to our dental clinic every six months, Dr Andrew Dunn or Dr Emma ...

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